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B1 - 61264 at Rillington in 2004
This weeks blog covers activity on the NYMR and details two interesting jobs that are being advertised by the railway at the moment.

Train Service

There have been no scheduled train services this week between Monday and Friday but on Saturday and Sunday the regular four round trips from Pickering to Goathland were operated plus the ‘Moorlander’ Pullman Dining Train from Grosmont to Pickering and return. Of these the Pullman Dining service was by far the most popular with fairly light loads on the ordinary trains.

Photo Charters

The absence of scheduled train services gives an opportunity to run Photo Charters. These operate on the basis that the railway (or part of it) is hired out to an organiser together with an engine and rolling stock of the organisers’ choosing for the day. The organiser takes bookings from interested photographers setting a charge to each that will cover the hire charge (from the railway) and generate a profit for the organiser.

This week we have had charters utilising the B1, 61264 and the LHJC Tank No 29. This latter engine ran on Monday 11th November with a mixed rake of mostly hopper wagons from Grosmont to Pickering and back, the engine being turned on the turntable at Pickering. Images can be found here:


On Tuesday 12th November it was the turn of the B1 and this featured the Grosmont Breakdown Train running the full length of the line. Images can be found here:


On Thursday 14th November the B1 was turned out with the ‘blood and custard’ passenger set and some nice shots in Northdale and Ellerbeck can be found here:


Winter Permanent Way Works

The absence of train services has enabled a start to be made on the winter works at Grosmont. Essentially this is a S&T project to enable trains to arrive and depart from either of platforms 2 or 3. However this week has seen a start made on the civil engineering aspects of the work. Details and pictures can be found here:



Over the last few months much concern has been expressed at the way new recruits to the locomotive department are treated. This has surfaced at a number of open fora between the GM and working members and has been discussed at Trust Board. Various solutions have been suggested but the over-riding message that has come out of all this discussion is the need for positive leadership with organisational ability. A vacancy has now occurred for the position of Footplate Superintendent based at Grosmont and if the right person can be recruited, someone with vision, leadership and organisational skills, then perhaps these difficulties can be overcome. Full details can be found here:


Probably the most interesting news this week was the appearance of an advertisement in Railnews magazine for an executive director post entitled ‘ Head of Production’. The NYMR is currently reorganising its’ senior management structure and four managerial posts are being deleted and replaced with three executive directors who will have seats on the Plc Board. Due to the impending retirement of one of the incumbent managers the new post of Head of Production is being advertised now.

In my view this is a ‘gem’ of a job for anyone with an understanding of Heritage Railway operation and the maintenance of locomotives and rolling stock. It is a very important post in the hierarchy of the railway - the offering to the customer very much depends on there being locomotives and clean rolling stock in full working order to cover every departure advertised in the timetable. This post holder will be in the front line to make sure that it happens. This is not a post for a manager who expects to sit in an office in Pickering and send out orders via an intermediary but much more for a person who is prepared to ‘get stuck in’ and lead by example. There are other managers of this calibre already employed by the railway and the occupant of this new post needs to be able to demonstrate that their skill level, dynamism and enthusiasm for the railway can be matched. Above all prospective applicants needs to understand the ethos of working with a largely volunteer workforce who can ‘vote with their feet’ if not handled with sensitivity.

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