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80135 takes the Diner through Levisham on a Friday evening in May 2003.
Civil Engineering

With the line out of use during weekdays much work is taking place to achieve the quite ambitious winter relaying programme. The major focus at the moment is preparing for the relaying of 1900 yards of track south of Levisham Station. There has been a 20mph temporary restriction of speed (TRS) at this site for many years due to the condition of the track which is now becoming ‘life-expired’. It comprises wooden sleepers and 95lb ‘bull-head’ rail and is to be replaced with F27 concrete sleepers and 113lb/yd flat-bottom rail with ‘pandrol’ clips.

Through this last week lorry loads of new sleepers have been arriving at Newbridge depot, Pickering; transferred immediately onto rail wagons and delivered to site. So far 846 sleepers are on site leaving about another 1400 to come. Rail is already on site and pictures can be seen here:

Other works shown in these pictures include the new rails to be laid to existing sleepers in Levisham Station and some of the many insulated rail joints (IRJs) that are being installed at Grosmont as part of the North End re-signaling scheme.

Moors Express

It is pleasing to note that Moors Express was published this week providing a very good summary of all that has been going on on the line since the last issue back in the summer. The editorial team is hoping to be able to produce more regular editions in the future. Copies of Moors Express are distributed on request to working members by Paul Taylor: or are posted on the members section of the NYMR website:

Santa Specials

These very popular services continue to be well used and even manage to carry a few grown ups who don’t necessarily need to see Santa! An extra service from Grosmont has been arranged for 09.45hrs on Sunday 22nd December.

Lineside Clearance

Finally, I mentioned this in my post two weeks ago and make no apologies for mentioning it again! If you feel like a weekly dose of fresh air and exercise then perhaps you would like to help with lineside clearance? Ian Wallis organises a working party every Thursday starting at 09.15 hrs, and this year is starting by concentrating on the Fen Bog area where good progress has been made. If you would like to help, contact Ian at You will need to be a registered volunteer with a PTS and you should bring a packed lunch, your own hand tools and suitable clothing. Training is available for those without a PTS certificate, contact Ian.

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