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Standard Class 4MT 80135 heads for Pickering in August 2007
Tom and Erica Salmon

The sad passing of NYMR Founders, Tom and Erica Salmon, has received wide coverage in the press and on television this last week. All have paid tribute to the vision and far-sightedness of the couple that led to the establishment of what has now become the the most visited heritage railway in the world. All locomotives operating this week have carried a wreath as a mark of respect. The funerals will take place on Tuesday 7th January.

Whitby Platform 2

A further set-back has occurred this week in the anticipated completion date for this work. Readers will remember that until all the alterations at Whitby Station are complete the NYMR is unable to operate the more intensive services to the town planned for this year. The original completion date of early April, slipped to mid-May some time ago. This week the production schedule for the turnouts has indicated that they cannot be ready and installed before mid-June putting the introduction of the more intensive service, perilously close to the main holiday season.

Booking Clerk Vacancies

Despite an agreed ban on recruitment the Railway has this week advertised for two part-time (18 hours/week) booking clerks for the Whitby Booking Office. No doubt when the Trust Board meets on 8th February members will want to know why these posts cannot be filled by volunteers as most other booking clerk posts are. As far as the writer is aware neither post has ever been advertised on the NYMR website in the ‘volunteers’ section so there can be little understanding of potential volunteer help.

Footplate Training Courses

It is pleasing to note that with the appointment of Steve Conway as Footplate Superintendent (as reported in my post of 22nd December) things are now moving forward as far as footplate training is concerned. A series of training sessions started yesterday Saturday 4th January and will run through to Sunday 30th March.

The full programme is:

Sat 4 Jan - Boilers, combustion, firing techniques
Sun 12 Jan - Train despatch, rules, protection etc.
Sun 26 Jan - Boiler water, ancillary equipment injectors
Sun 2 Feb - NWR rules revision
Sat 8 Feb - Single line working, principles and operation of signalling
Sun 9 Feb - Locomotive preparation and disposal NB Held at Grosmont MPD
Sun 23 Mar - Annual Safety Briefing
Sat 29 Mar - Power, tractive effort
Sun 30 Mar - AWS / TPWS / NRN and overview of GSMR, Whitby working

All to be held at the Education Centre Pickering unless otherwise stated.
Start time 09-30hrs.

As always, these training sessions are open to all footplate volunteers of whatever grade, and indeed, any other volunteer who has an interest in how things work and the Railway is run.

Services Last Week

Today sees the last day of the post Christmas full-line running. Trains seem to have been fairly well loaded and have been handled by the Standard 4, 75029, LMS Black 5, 45428 Eric Treacy and Class 25 Diesel 7628. No further services are planned until the half-term week in February. All our attention now centres on two major engineering infrastructure tasks which are due to start this week. Both have already been mentioned in earlier posts and are the relaying of the track at Levisham Straight and the Environment Agency scheme ‘Stemming the Flow’ (Pickering flood prevention scheme) north of Newbridge Crossing.

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