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B1 61264 at Grosmont on 14th August 2007
Tom and Erica Salmon

Readers will recall from recent posts the sad death of Tom Salmon and his wife Erica. Tom was one of the original founders of what has become the North York Moors Historical Railway Trust. Many many tributes have been expressed in the local media since their deaths over Christmas and typical is this piece from the Northern Echo:
http://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/featur ... iron_will/
Their funerals were held in St Hildas in Snainton on Tuesday last. As the cortege passed Ruswarp, on the way to the church, the B1 61264 was noted, stationery in silent tribute to the couple. A fitting tribute to a remarkable couple.

B1 - 61264

On Thursday 9th January the B1 and support coach left the Railway for Carnforth to be prepared for a mainline test run. On the way the pair caused a bit of a sensation by standing in for a cancelled Northern Rail service on the Esk Valley Line and carried fare paying passengers.

The Main Line test run took place on Friday and appears to have been very successful. A lovely clip of part of the run can be found on Youtube here: B1 61264, loaded Main Line test

Winter P’way works

With the cessation of winter services last Sunday the stage was set for the beginning of the serious part of the winter civil engineering programme. Without any delay, work started at Hunting Bridge north of New Bridge Crossing with the removal of 900ft of track to allow the Environment Agency’s contractor to bring a pile-driver on to the railway formation to commence the construction of flood protection works across and along the Railway. After the track had been lifted and cleared away the site was handed over to the contractor for a planned occupation of about five weeks.

Meanwhile a second site has been opened up south of Levisham with the commencement of the major relaying project which will see a little over a mile of life expired track and ballast renewed between now and the February half-term week.

In Grosmont the presence of a rail mounted crane enabled the signal dollies to be lifted and fitted to the former Falsgrave Signal gantry.

Next Big Project

There has been much speculation on the forum this week on the next major project that the Railway needs to tackle. Consensus of opinion was that a Carriage Shed at Pickering was now essential and a project team needs to be set up to pursue funding. The site appears to be that of the former trout farm between High Mill and New Bridge level crossings.

Volunteer and Paid Staff Surveys 2011

I was recently shown copies of two documents completed in 2011. Both were satisfaction surveys, one for volunteers and one for paid staff. These were illuminating documents and when read carefully helped to explain some of the poor morale issues that surface from time to time. As far as I can tell neither the Trust Board nor the Railway Management has taken much notice of these surveys so far, a position that I hope to reverse in the next few months. Watch this space!

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