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60007, Sir Nigel Gresley, 'On the Teaks' at Moorgates in April 2008
Levisham Relaying

The relatively mild weather is helping the winter relaying programme no end! On the Levisham straight job all the old bull-head track and sleepers has been removed; the flat-bottom rails that are to be re-used have had the rail ends cropped and new fishplate holes drilled in alternate rails (it is planned to weld alternate joints on these 45’ length rails); the concrete sleepers that are to be re-used have been placed closer together and the formation has been leveled with a Drott. Relaying has now started and will continue until half-term week in February.

‘Stemming the Flow’ Project at Hunting Bridge

This site has been cleared of all track and S&T equipment and handed over to the Environment Agency’s contractor, Jacksons. The piling rig has moved in and has started to drive steel sheet piles across and along the railway formation. The project has been getting some attention from the media this week with BBC doing a general piece on low cost flood prevention schemes like this one. This will be available on the BBC i-player for the next few days here:

It doesn’t mention the railway by name but the formation looks very familiar...

For those of you who want to get a bit more of an overview of this scheme the following site gives plenty of detail: ... 201113.pdf

Voice Recorders

A memo from the General Manager to all staff and volunteers this week has advised that voice recorders are being installed in New Bridge Signal Box in connection with the work at Hunting Bridge. He says that this will allow us to “evaluate the value of recording safety critical telephone messages”. Some members of staff have expressed concern because of the ‘big brother’ aspects but others see it as a positive step to providing clarity as to who has said what after an incident.

Footplate Awareness Course

Steve Conway, the new Footplate Superintendent, is organising a Footplate Awareness Course at Grosmont MIC on Monday 27th January 2014 at 09.00hrs. The course is for new entrants to the department who wish to progress and have already completed an induction day. The course will cover PTS, COSHH, Heat Stress and dehydration and emergency protection.

Class 9F 92214 ‘Cock o’the North’

On Sunday 5th January 92214 was moved to New Bridge yard at Pickering and on 10th January was loaded on to a transporter and moved to the Great Central Railway to appear in their Winter Steam Gala on 24th to 26th January.

Class A4 60007, ‘Sir Nigel Gresley’

It was announced this week that after its appearance at the NRM’s “Great Goodbye’ at ‘Locomotion’, Shildon on 15th to 23rd February 60007 will be traveling by rail to appear at the North Norfolk Railways March Steam Gala on 7th - 9th March. After that it is likely to be based at Southall for a period to undertake some mainline excursion work.

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