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The ever faithful Class 25 approaches Goathland Station in May 2013
Stemming the Flow Project at Hunting Bridge

The relatively mild winter weather continues to allow good progress to be made by Jacksons, the Environment Agency contractor. The sheet piles along and across the railway are almost finished and are now being cut to profile for the concrete capping beam to be cast. These piles are to restrict any possible water flowing down the railway and form an integral part of the Class A Reservoir. At the upstream end of the works, short 2 metre long piles are being driven into the upside of the railway embankment to provide a backup seal against water flowing through the embankment. Re-instatement of the track will be starting shortly.

Levisham Straight Relaying

As with Hunting Bridge the mild winter is continuing to allow good progress to be made on this lengthy relaying job. All the old bull-head track has now been removed and most of the sleepers loaded to wagons for removal to New Bridge yard for disposal. The last of the sleepers under the bull-head rail are being left on site for the time being as the railway has no more wagons to store them on!

By the end of last week over half of the length had been relaid and rapid progress can be seen day after day. There is just under three weeks left before the ‘half-term’ running in February by when the track has to be all in and ‘fettled’ sufficiently well to run trains. Let’s hope the weather continues to be kind but it has to be said that the gangs who are doing this job, both paid and volunteer, are certainly ‘pulling out all the stops’ - well done to them.

Some photographs are on the main website and can be seen here:


Footplate Training Schedule

In my post for 5th January I listed the schedule of footplate training courses that are being held. There have been a couple of changes as follows:

Sunday 2nd February – will now be Single Line Working
Sunday 8th February - will now be  NWR Rules Revision

Ex LMS ‘Black 5’ 44806

It is pleasing to be able to report that 44806 arrived on the railway on Tuesday 21st January and is now at New Bridge Depot. She has been winterised and will be moved to Grosmont MPD when the various relaying projects allow.

Education Volunteers

The Education Committee are seeking volunteer help with the Education Programme. Full details can be found here:

Staff and Volunteer Survey 2011

In my post for 12th January I mentioned the long forgotten Volunteer and Staff surveys undertaken in 2011. With the encouragement of the Trust Secretary I have prepared a detailed paper, with recommendations, for the Trust Board meeting on 8th February to see if the issues raised can be taken forward. I’ll report back in due course.

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