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Foden Lorry outside Pickering Station in July 1995

In my recent posts readers will recall that the owner of BR Standard 9F, 92214, had not been able to reach an agreement with the NYMR management over the regular running of this locomotive. Reasons given for this are hire fees and the restrictions that were placed on the use of the engine, some by the owner and some by Network Rail. These included not being able to run to Whitby and not being allowed to negotiate the tight curves into New Bridge loco servicing facility.

We heard last week that the engine has now been sold and will no longer be based on the NYMR. The new owner is Michael Gregory, a director of the Great Central Railway, who is reported to have acquired the engine for exclusive use on the GCR.

Winter Relaying Programme

The continuing 'kind' winter weather has allowed a further weeks substantial progress to be made. At Hunting Bridge reinstatement of the track is to commence this week and on Levisham Straight all of the track is now back in place and when the 100 or so pairs of joints have been welded up ballasting and tamping can begin, hopefully this week.

Whitby Station Alterations

For those of you who were expecting the construction of the new Platform 2 at Whitby Station to have started at the beginning of January (as we were all led to believe) you will be interested to know that work is likely to start towards the end of this month (February) and be completed by late June. Lets hope there are no more delays to this project which, we are told, is so vital to the survival of the NYMR.

Director of Production

It is reported that an appointment has been made to this new management team post and that the selected candidate is from 'within' the NYMR volunteer movement. A formal announcement is expected shortly.

Trust Board Meeting

The next meeting of the Trust Board will take place on Saturday, 8th February at 10.30hrs, in the Memorial Hall, Pickering. Amongst other things the Board will be considering the Work Programme for the Plc Board for the next year, progress with the Whitby alterations and my paper on the proposed Action Plans stemming from the Volunteer and Staff Surveys that were carried out in 2011. More on all of these items next week.

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