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LNWR 'Super D' approaches Yorfalls Wood in May 2010
Charlie Hart

As mentioned in my post last week the funeral of Charlie Hart, one of our remaining founders, took place at Scarborough Crematorium last Thursday. The service was well attended by mourners from the NYMR keen to pay their last respects to another long serving volunteer who was a familiar and friendly face on the Railway for over 40 years.

Half-Term Running

Today saw the end of our school half-term running week. Because of the ongoing signalling works at Grosmont services have been running between Pickering and Goathland with four round trips daily split equally between steam and diesel. Loadings have been, reportedly, very good, although timekeeping has slipped a bit at times. The Moorlander Pullman luncheon train ran (from Pickering) on Sunday last weekend and on both days this weekend.


The services were basically in the hands of B1 61264 and Class 24 Diesel D5061 on most days but our 'new' Black' 5, 44806, has made a number of journeys including the Pullmans this weekend.

Class A4 Pacific 60007 'Sir Nigel Gresley' has spent the week at the NRM's Locomotion, Shildon taking part in 'The Great Goodbye" there, the last gathering of the 6 surviving A4s for the foreseeable future. On Tuesday she is due to move to York and then on to the North Norfolk Railway at Sheringham for their winter gala.

Winter Relaying Programme

With last weeks running out of the way our pway gang will be back to both Levisham Straight and Hunters Bridge this week. Two more deliveries of ballast by rail are expected. There has been much favourable comment on the quality of the work that has been done so far.

When the further fettling of these sections is complete a further pice of track will be relaid between the south end of the Hunters Bridge relay to the north end of last years relaying at New Bridge.

Vacancies on the Trust Board

Moorsline Magazine arrived here this week and amongst the many entertaining articles was a notification that nominations are invited for six places on the Trust Board. The Chairman and Archivist are retiring on rotation together with 5 Board members. Four of these Board places plus the two named officers will be available from the June 21st AGM and nominations to the Trust Secretary are invited.

Additional Trust Board meeting

An additional Trust Board meeting has been called for next Friday 28th February to enable the Board to receive a confidential update on the Management Reorganisation.

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