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WD Austerity 90775 departs Grosmont in June 1995 with a service to Pickering
Relaying Programme

With only a few weeks left before the daily train service starts again our P-way gang are within an ace of completing the winter relaying programme in full thanks to a great deal of hard graft and favourable weather. Nigel Trotters very informative updates on the programme can be seen on the NYMR website.

During this last week the remaining ballast for the Levisham Straight job, unloaded the previous week, has been tamped and lined and is now due only for a final regulating pass with the tamper/liner.

The short relaying job between last years relaying at New Bridge and this years Environment Agency site at Hunters Bridge has now been laid in and connected up. Alternate joints are to be welded up and the newly laid ballast needs tamping and lining. During the week material will be offloaded for the final relaying at Darnholme.

Photographs to illustrate all of this can be seen by clicking here

Grosmont North End resignalling

As I have mentioned before this job has been ongoing all winter by a team led by Dave Torbet. An update, with photographs, can be seen by clicking here

Whitby Station Alterations

The main Contractor, CML, has continued the establishment of the works compound in the Council Car Park adjacent to the station. Site barriers have been erected to mark the boundary of the site with the 'live' railway, the planters have been removed and sent to a new home(!) and site clearance has commenced. Pictures of both this work and some of the winter relaying sites can be found by clicking here

Open Fora with the General Manager

Philip Benham announced on Friday last that he will be holding Open Fora at Pickering on Saturday 22nd March in the Learning Centre on Platform 2 and at Grosmont on Friday 28th March in the Tearoom at 19.00. There will be a presentation covering:
  • Current Business Outlook
  • The Challenges of the new season
  • Management Re-structuring and interim arrangements
  • Whitby Expansion

After the presentation the meetings will be open to the floor and participants can ask any question they like, put forward views etc. This is a good opportunity to get 'face to face' with the GM and express opinions. So as to get an idea of numbers attending contact should be made in advance with Claire McCann on 01751 473799 Ext 221 or by email to

HOPS for Footplate Staff

The Heritage Operations Planning System has been in use for rostering on the NYMR since April 2013 and covers Booking Office Staff, Station Foremen and TTIs. This year, 2014, will see the system extended to cover footplate staff. Initially Cleaners will be covered with the system going 'live' in May. Once this section has been bedded in it will be extended to Drivers and Firemen.

60007 - Sir Nigel Gresley

The NYMR resident A4 Pacific 60007 is off on her travels again. On Thursday 6th March she moved from the NRM at York to Southall in preparation for some mainline tours. The first of these is believed to be for Steam Dreams and is a London to York return journey on Saturday 29th March. This will be followed by a run from Westbury to Kingswear on Thursday 10th April. Network Rails recent announcement that the rebuilding of the sea wall and track at Dawlish will be completed by Friday 4th April will, no doubt, have caused the SNG owning Group to let out a big sigh of relief!

LNERCA's Thompson TK 1623

Recent photographs have appeared of the absolutely splendid paint job that Dave Simpson of the SRPS, Boness, has done on under-restoration TK No. 1623. It is difficult to believe that this is a steel panelled coach. See for yourself by clicking here

Interim Timetable

The alterations at Whitby and the drastic reorganisation of services that will follow are causing havoc with promoting the 2014 timetable. The difficulty is that the works are due to finish in late June at which point the NYMR will be able to operate 5 services in and out of the town each day. Unfortunately the completion date is not 'set in stone' and could be earlier (unlikely) or later (quite likely). A compromise timetable has, so I'm told (as I haven't seen it yet), been produced which seeks to bridge the transition from the 'old' to the 'new' by providing typical timetables for peak season and off-peak season and for Sundays and for special events and refers the reader to the NYMR website for the latest information.

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