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The trusty Class 24, D5061 banks the Pullman away from Levisham in May 2003
Domestic upheaval resulting from the refitting of our kitchen has left no time for penning my take on the latest happenings on the Railway, so, my apologies for the lack of a post last week.

NYMR e-Briefing

Very pleased to see that the promised weekly updates from the management team have started to roll. The first issue last week was in a two part format - Phillips Points, latest news from Managing Director Phillip Benham, and a guest contribution from one of the new Directors. This week it was Paul Brown and he was able to update us on the latest happenings in the Commercial Department. Nigel Trotter is billed as the guest director next week.

Copies of the briefing can be obtained from marketing@nymr.co.uk

Whitby Platform 2

The good news is that the small strip of land needed from the Co-op has now been agreed and possession should be in NR’s hands anytime now. This agreement will allow the main contractor to demolish part of the Co-op boundary wall and rebuild it further away from the running line thus permitting a minimum width platform to be built.

To make up the lost time the main contractor will be introducing shift working so as to ensure that sufficient platform is in place to enable the signaling contractor to start their work on schedule.

Completion of the project is now expected in mid-July with the revised timetable being introduced at the beginning of August.


Loco availability continues to be on a knife-edge but hopefully Black 5, 45428 will be back in service very soon. Standard 76079 is expected to be completed in time for the main season.

The cosmetically restored American S160, 2253, has now arrived at Shildon and is believed to be about to take part in an exhibition celebrating the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings in 1944.

Pickering Booking Office

I had another day in the Booking Office last Friday and, with it being half-term week and the Gold timetable operating, Dick Thornton and I were kept fairly busy until lunchtime. As on most days after this things quieten down and one of the two windows is normally closed. Takings for the day were a little bit less than the equivalent day last year.

On the number of turns that I have done so far this year there has been definite evidence of resistance to the fare levels and on most days there have been people who decide not to travel when they realise how much it will cost them. Fortunately what seems to be very solid is the demand for tickets to Whitby making the 09.00hrs and the 12.00hrs the most popular trains of the day. It will be interesting to see if this demand is repeated in the opposite direction when the new timetable is introduced in August.

Trust Board Meeting 6th June 2014

There is to be a meeting of the Trust Board next Friday evening and a number of controversial matters have been referred from the Plc Board for approval. Some must of course always remain confidential when they involve employees of the Trust but other decisions of a less confidential nature I hope to be able to talk about in next weeks post. Thank you for reading this far!

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