Whitby Platform 2 Nears Completion

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Grosmont Platform 1 with a steam excursion to Battersby 21st June 2014
Loco Overhaul Programme

Things are moving steadily forward with the overhaul of 76079. On Saturday last, a fire was lit for the first time for many years to carry out an ‘out of frames’ steam pressure test. Providing this proved satisfactory to the Insurance Company Inspector then the boiler will shortly be united with the frames. It is still forecast to be ready for service during August

80135 - The standard tank is now expected to be back in service by April 2015 with 34101 available shortly afterwards. The work on 30926 is to be put out to tender with a view to letting a contract to the successful bidder in the Autumn.

Pickering to Malton

There has been more speculation this week about reinstating the ‘missing link’ in our Railway between Pickering and Rillington Jct. Most of this is likely to be so much pipe dreaming but what it has shown up is the very poor public transport connections to get from Leeds/York/Malton and particularly to make the return connection in the evening. If our last train from Whitby runs late there is every chance that visitors wanting to get back to York and Leeds will find themselves stranded in Pickering. The interesting thing is that the Coastliner service is part of the EYMS Group and they have a reputation for being amenable to positive suggestions about routing and timing. If someone wants to give me the nod I’d be happy to start a dialogue with Peter Shipp the EYMS GM.

Car Parking

More people traveling by public transport might ease the pressure on the car parks, which brings me onto a further piece of news. The owner of the trout fishing lake at High Mill is apparently thinking of filling in the lake and converting it into a car park! It seems that he makes more money out of selling his existing car park spaces to our customers than he does from people wanting to fish. He estimates that he could provide 150 extra spaces, so if he fills those at £5 per car/per/day his income would be £750 per day or over £5000 per week. Seems to make a lot of sense and eases the pressure on the Railway for finding more parking space - perhaps he would lease it to us?

Battersby Running

Apart from being the AGM day, last Saturday was the final day of Whitby to Battersby running. The picture at the head of this post shows the crowds flocking on and off Platform 1 at Grosmont after the 14.00 from Whitby to Battersby had arrived. As someone pointed out where else in this country can you go to a country junction station and change from one steam hauled service to another - marvelous. We should do it more often.

Whitby Platform 2

Mention of Whitby reminds me that the new platform is nearing completion. Signaling testing will be carried out in early July and from 20th July we expect to start training on the new platform operations with the new timetable commencing on 2nd August.

Testing of the new signaling at Grosmont North End will take place between 5th and 7th July.


The Annual General Meeting of the Trust and Plc took place in the memorial Hall at Pickering last Saturday. John Bailey is the new Trust Chairman. Andrew Mead, the new Plc Chairman, was introduced to the gathering.

After the formal business was completed Phillip Benham and Stephen Hogg gave lengthy but informative presentations.

Chris Cubitt, Vice Chairman, presented the two retiring Chairmen, Murray Brown and Neal Clarke with lifetime Gold Passes.

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