Locomotives back to full strength!

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The NYMR 'On Hire' Class 101 DMU seen at the Midland Railway Centre in September 2012
Well, there’s good news and bad news this week! The good news is that the locomotive crisis I mentioned in my last post has been resolved. 44806, 61264 and 2807 have all returned to service, which is fortunate as loadings have again been quite good for late October.

The other piece of good news is that 60007, ‘Sir Nigel Gresley’ is on its way back from the East Lancs Railway where it has been starring in their steam gala this weekend. Expected to be back in Grosmont on Tuesday. The sad news is that Lambton Tank No 29, which failed last weekend, now seems to be in serious trouble with a cracked cylinder block and is unlikely to run again for the foreseeable future.

The ‘on hire’ class 101 DMU, which seems to have gained the ‘Thomasesque’ name of ‘Daisy’, should be entering service shortly with the NYMR centre car to make up a 3-car set, to work the winter timetable. However putting the necessary repairs in hand seems to be still awaiting Plc Board approval so this is no time to hold one’s breath in anticipation, given the competing pressures for resources in both C & W and the MPD.

Half-Term week

We are now into the final full week of daily running which coincides with the schools half-term week. To entice parents looking for ways to entertain their children, Marketing has devised a number of attractions to keep them entertained all under the banner of ‘Witches and Wizards Week’. This culminates on Friday 31st October when the ‘Halloween Story Trains’ will run. This was a new concept last year and it was so successful that this year there are two separate trains, both of which are fully booked! Full marks to Danielle Ramsey and her team for dreaming up the idea and then implementing it so successfully.

Civil Engineering

The ‘Slowing the Flow’ project, or Pickering Flood Relief scheme that is being undertaken by contractors working for the Environment Agency at a site north of New Bridge Level Crossing was expected to be completed by the end of October. Unfortunately the recent wet weather has played havoc with the clay groundworks and so work has, apparently, come to halt and won’t be resumed until drier weather in the spring of 2015.

Open Forum

Details have been released this week of the ‘End of Term’ open forum which is to be held in the Memorial Hall, Pickering on Monday 9th November at 10.00hrs. It is open to all members of staff and working volunteers who are invited to put issues of concern across to MD Philip Benham. Prior to this Philip will be giving an account of how the season has gone and updating us on latest developments. Also included is a presentation from the organisation who are undertaking our customer service training and the new Chairman (doesn’t say which one!) will be presenting a session on “Moving Forward” which will be followed by a Q & A session. A light lunch will be provided and the event is expected to be complete by 14.00hrs.

Communications Committee

The first meeting of this newly authorised committee will take place on Wednesday 29th October. The Terms of Reference include:

1.Take non-editorial responsibility for the publication of ‘Moors Line’ paying particular regard to:
a. the cost of production; 
b. the relevance of the various sections, 
c. the efficiency and timeliness of the distribution methods, 
d. the language used and its relevance to the layman, 
e. number of issues per year and 
f. the introduction of an electronic version.
2. Consider the gaps in current communication activity and propose solutions to meet the identified need
3. Provide a means of communicating Trust Board activity after each meeting together with up to date information from the Management Team.
4. Consider the need for and benefit of, another ‘blog’ type publication similar to e-news. 

Seems to be plenty there to get our teeth into! The members of the committee are:
Adrian Bury, Alan Whitehouse, Andrew Scott, Danielle Ramsey, John Hunt, Margaret Craggs, Paul A. Sherwood and myself as Chair.

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