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Stalwarts of the 2014 season our two 'Black Fives' at Grosmont in June 2014
Well, today is the first day since the end of March that there are no public trains running on the NYMR. What a season it has been with the opening of the second platform at Whitby in mid-August giving us an inkling of the amount of extra traffic that we can expect in a full season as a result of this investment.

I understand that throughout the half term week traffic levels have been well up on our expectations and I’m sure the unseasonably warm and dry weather will have had something to do with this.

60007, ‘Sir Nigel Gresley’, returned from the East Lancs Railway on Tuesday as planned but was unable to be put back into traffic as it was found to have a broken spring.

Lambton No 29 seems to need major work to the middle cylinder and will possibly need a new one manufacturing. Could be some time before we see this popular engine back in traffic.

All five cars of the Class 101 DMU have now arrived in Pickering, presumably for C&W to make a start on the necessary repairs to put them back into traffic.

60532, ‘Blue Peter’ the ex LNER Class A2 Pacific, and one time resident on the NYMR, is rumoured to have been sold to Jeremy Hoskings company, Locomotive Services Ltd. It would certainly be good to see this one restored to main line use and perhaps visiting the Moors again one day.

Moorsline Magazine
I mentioned in last weeks post that the inaugural meeting of the Communication Committee was to take place last Wednesday. As the Chair of this committee I was very pleased to see a good turnout of members and we had some fruitful and healthy discussions on how we might improve communication between the Trust and the members. Unfortunately we learnt that the Autumn edition of Moorsline magazine, due at the end of last month, is likely to be about a month late. This is mostly due to late submission of material from regular contributors. Members of the committee pledged to support the editor in the future and try to make late publication a thing of the past.

At its meeting in April of this year the Trust Board agreed that a survey of members views on what is expected from Moorsline should be undertaken. We now hope to be able to include the survey in the winter edition due out at the end of January 2015. Items to be addressed by the survey will include the possibility of an electronic version alongside the existing hard copy and a monthly electronic update under the Moors Express banner.

Open Forum 10th November
Just a reminder to all staff and volunteers that the end of season open forum will be held in the Memorial Hall, Pickering at 10.00hrs on Monday 10th November. See you there!

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